The EBA is an organisation that advocates for the interests of boatmen and aims to improve the quality of their work. This is achieved through regular discussions between various boatmen organisations and by establishing safety standards and guidelines for performing the work.


Boatmen play a crucial role in shipping. They are responsible for the safe mooring and unmooring of ships. It is therefore of great importance that they perform their duties in a professional and high-quality manner. To ensure this, boatmen are united in the European Boatmen Association (EBA).


Through cooperation within the EBA, boatmen can learn from each other and share experiences, thus creating high standards. This leads to a better and more streamlined execution of the work and helps prevent unnecessary errors, damages and (near) misses. Regular training courses are also organised to maintain and improve the knowledge and skills of boatmen.
The EBA also ensures that the interests of boatmen are represented at both national and international levels. This includes examining laws and regulations and monitoring developments within the shipping industry that may affect the work of boatmen.


In short, by uniting in the EBA, boatmen can perform their duties at a high level and ensure the availability and quality of their work. Cooperation within the organisation improves the execution of the work and the sharing of knowledge and experiences. This benefits not only the boatmen themselves but also the shipping industry as a whole.


ANGOPI represents 61 mooring Companies that operate in 92 ports, with 875 mooring men and boatmen and 274 mooring boats. In Italy mooring is defined as service of general interest and the mooring Companies are considered as internal operator, according to Regulation 2017/352.

Service provided is mainly mooring and unmooring and we all represent a well organized standby and dutycall service. Besides punctuality and responsibility our association puts great importance to security and to the environment, some of the members are certified according to ISO 9001-2008. We are well educated and work within the framework of EBA´s “Minimum European standard for Boatmen´s education and training” as well as IMO´s guideline on “Minimum training and education for mooring personnel”.

BBA (Belgian Boatmen Association) consists of three organizations and about 300 members. De Bootsmannen (Bruges) De Eendracht (Ghent) and Brabo (Antwerp) provide a professional service and they try to relieve the customers by offering various nautical services such as e.g. performing rigging tasks, motor trips for agents and surveyors, damage inspections, wheelmen….

The Dutch Boatmen’s Association (DBA) was founded in 1977. The goal of the DBA is to promote the interests of her members, to advise her members and to exchange experiences in many domains. Also the DBA developed its own Boatmen’s training program which is recognized by the ministry of OCW (Education, Culture and Sciences) and which is compulsory for all boatmen in the Netherlands since 1983. Also, all qualified boatmen are recorded in the Dutch Boatmen Index.

The tasks of Lamanage consists of retrieving the mooring lines of ships using specialized boats, transferring them to the dock, and positioning them on the bollard. This essential activity for the safety of ships and port facilities is provided 24 hours a day.